I started working for the student magazine, when a friend needed a double page spread for the magazine. The next year, I became Head of Design for The EDIT, and worked to create an engaging design team within the student population at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Front cover of the last edition.

An engaging design team
There's no doubt that starting a university as a design student can be intimidating, and as Head of Design, I wanted to break those walls, I had felt myself. By inviting fellow design students across the years to discuss design and decide on design styles for the different editions, The EDIT had never had so many designers working on a single edition at the same time. A wee design community at the university. 

Magazine spread from the first edition.

Full Summer edition can be seen here. Contributors: Eilidh Mackay, Lauren Pitbladdo, and Louise Speirs.
Full Christmas edition can be seen here. Contributors: Eilidh Mackay, Nicole Blair, and Megan Beattie.
Full Spring edition can be seen here. Contributors: Carolina Ferguson, Hannah Temple, Joanna Hughes, Megan Beattie, and Nicole Blair.

Layout from the latest edition.

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